Thursday, March 30, 2006


Stanford - Waitlist!



And still no call from Stanford. I'm guessing it's a no. Congrats to those that made it! As for me, it's ok. I'm happy with Chicago. :-)

Thanks for all your comments. Your support has been awesome. Bschool Diva: you are way too cute! :-)

Congrats again to all R2's!

Monday, March 20, 2006

And Kellogg is a....

Large, fat DING! lol.

I saw this one coming. Made too many mistakes on this app.

Oh, well. Life goes on. :-)

Thank You

Asia is a blast. This is definitely a needed vacation - that all of us should take before b-school!

I want to give a big THANK YOU to all of my fellow bloggers for being so supportive on this long trek to our MBA. Your comments and blog updates have been amazing to read. :-)

And I sit her now speechless with an acceptance to UCLA Anderson, despite having not interviewed. (No on-line status update for K yet??)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Lack of sleep. Anxiety does that to you. Where you toss and turn each night. She haunts you in nightmares - falling off a cliff in her bright red dress only to reappear by your side... a ghost.

She is your fear. Where the scale stares back at you with double digits - the last time you had even imagined being below 3-digits was in the 5th grade. But food does not tempt you anymore. Nothing tastes right.

You lick your lips, dry and chapped. Shriveled up prunes they are. Because of anxiety.

Anything you do to try and calm the storms just gets flushed away. Round and round it spins down the endless black hole. And you are once again left behind with...


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Marina!! :-)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mixed Feelings

I don't know who's more anxious: me or my mom. She calls from Asia almost everyday.
Mom: "Any news yet?"
Me: "No."

Next day...
Mom: "Any news yet?"
Me: "No."

Or perhaps she just wants to see how high she can rack up her company's long-distance phone bill $$.
Boss: "[] Tai Tai (Mrs. [])! What is this American number you keep calling??"
Mom: "It's err... a very important client of mine, sir?..."

Back in the USA, it's been raining on the western front. I am hoping the Bay Area clouds will blow away as my college friend flies in from the east.

Then, my upcoming itinerary is as follows:

~ Flight to Asia ~

Mar. 20: Kellogg D-day *gulp*
Mar. 21: Cornell D-day *ahh*
Mar. 22: Chicago D-day *prays*
Mar. 24: UCLA delivers the official "ding" letter *cries*

~ Return to the USA ~

Mar. 30: Stanford D-day *help me*
Mar. 31: Yale D-day *sweat*
Apr. 3: MIT D-day *faints*

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sloan Interview

After reading the info on ClearAdmit's Wiki and that Sloan interviewers can be "poker-faced," I prepared for the worst. Surprisingly, the adcom lady who interviewed me was very personable. If she hadn't been exhausted from a day's work (I was her last interview of the day), I might have even described her as "bubbly." :-)

As brownoski had warned me, the first thing she did was rip open my transcripts. "Let's see here..." (*gulp* Not my lowest grade! Please don't bring up that class!) I received a couple quick and *painless* questions.

Next was the juicy stuff. "Tell me about a project at work that you co-managed... How did you feel?... What would you say the impact was to the client?... How did they react?"

- "Tell me about a project at work within the last year that you're proud of... What did you specifically learn from it?"
- "What's a personal goal you've set for yourself within the last 2 years?"
- "Why Sloan?"
- "I read about [this] in your app and loved the story behind it. Can you tell me more about it?... How did the members feel about that?... Why did you fail at that point?... How do you feel about the outcome?"
- "Why do you want to go to the east coast?... Are you sure you wouldn't mind moving east?" <- It seems most Californians are all about Cali pride. Totally understandable. West Coast, babyyyy!! lol.

Then it was over. We both walked to our cars, shook hands, and bid each other adieu. "Decisions will be out April 3rd" was the last thing I heard her say.