Thursday, January 19, 2006

Necessities of Life

  1. The basics: food, shelter, clothing.
  2. $$ to pay the bills and buy all the other “girlie” things that I love.
  3. People – family, friends, significant others, the friendly lady at Starbucks, the paparazzi, the policeman, my banker, my lawyer, the adorable little boy that lives down the block and calls me “jie jie” (older sister), …
    My dad once told me: “If you’re the only one left living on this earth, you wouldn’t be able to survive.” He’s right.
  4. Karaoke machines – or I might go crazy. It’s a wonder China hasn’t started a “Zhong Guo Ming Xin” (“Chinese Idol”) tv show. Or has it?
  5. Education – umm… e = mc^2 ??
  6. Love – and with it: respect, integrity, and encouragement.
  7. Donations – not just $$, but also organs, blood, a finger, a toe, an eyeball...

  8. And an interview invite with Chicago GSB!! :-D