Thursday, October 13, 2005


They seem like the all the rage these days. I remember getting my first on-line journal from back in 2000. Since then, blogs have been popping up all around. One can only imagine how much data is floating around there on the good ol' world wide web. They just keep building 'em servers, and its amazing that the traffic doesn't seem to jam up as bad as the Los Angeles freeways during rush hour. Bless the internet gods.

Now its my turn to add another profile and more data into the overflowing pool. With all the competition as MBA applicants race to pump out strong apps and fight for the limited spots at top schools, I can only hope my head is one of those that is still above the surface at the end of the swim.

What I have going for me? My passion, my interest, my craving, my intellect, my curiosity, my determination, my clear goals.

What I have going against me? My age, my experience (or lack thereof), my time.

It's already October. Nearing mid-October at that. Round 1 will come and go, as I know I am not at that point to submit any apps yet. All schools will all be Round 2. Less than 3 months away. Can I do it? Can I compete? It's never too late to play the game. Focus your eye on the prize. You lose some, you win some.



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